Dress Codes

Guest Policies

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Golf Dress Code

All members, their children and guests are required to adhere to the Club’s dress code. This dress code is mandatory for all players. Printing on all shirts must be inconspicuous and confined to logos and simple emblems. Improperly dressed golfers will be asked to change before playing. If you are in doubt concerning your attire. Please check with the Golf Shop before starting play.

Golf Men & Boys

Shirts with collars and sleeves, slacks, golf shorts or Bermuda shorts are considered proper attire. Tank Tops, cut-offs, sweat pants, jeans, bathing suits, short-shorts, tennis shorts or other athletic shorts are not appropriate and therefore NOT permitted. CARGO PANTS and CARGO SHORTS are also NOT permitted. Caps or visors are NOT permitted to be worn backwards and must be removed while in the Clubhouse.

Golf Ladies & Girls

Permitted are, collared shirts with or without sleeves and collarless shirts but they must have sleeves. Slacks, Capri length pants, shorts, and skirts. NOT PERMITTED are: Cropped tops, halter tops, tank tops, t-shirts, sweat pants, denim jeans, tennis dresses, athletic shorts, short-shorts, cut-off shorts, low rise pants or shorts which expose midriff.

A member will be totally responsible for the conduct and attire of his or her guest.

Racquets Dress Code

Proper tennis attire and tennis shoes required. Collared shirts for men and boys. For platform tennis, proper court shoes are required. No smoking in the chalet.

Dining Dress Code

Jackets for gentlemen are required for all evening dining in the Grill Room and Trophy Room (unless designated as an informal event). In the Main Dining Room, gentlemen are required to wear jackets for all evening dining (unless designated as an informal event). Dresses or dress pants are considered appropriate attire for ladies. Children 14 years and older will adhere to the dress code for gentlemen; younger children are encouraged to do so.

“Casual” attire is permitted for lunch throughout the club house and for evening dining on the Patio and in Ray’s Room. Casual attire includes golf clothes (i.e. Bermuda length shorts and a collared shirt for men) and tennis clothes.

When blue jeans are permitted for an announced occasion, they must be in good repair without rips, holes or shredding. Blue jeans are permitted in the Clubhouse for “Casual Fridays” all day, and in all rooms unless otherwise designated. Blue jeans may be permitted for designated one-off events ie: Pub Nights.

Denim, cargo pants/shorts, short shorts, tee shirts, tank tops and sweatsuits are not permitted on Club property at any time. Just as on the golf course, shirts must be tucked in. Men and young gentlemen are required to remove hats while inside the Clubhouse and on the patio. Under no circumstances are hats to be worn backwards anywhere on Club grounds.

Cell Phone Policy

Cell phones and other electronic devices should be kept on silent or vibrate mode at all times. Use of cell phones and other electronic devices for voice conversations is permitted only in the privacy of your car and in Clubhouse locker rooms.

Discrete and occasional texting, emailing, photo sharing and accessing websites is permitted in dining rooms and bar areas. Use of smartphones for taking an occasional photo is permitted. Phones may be present on dining tables but must remain face down. Phone usage of any kind is not permitted in hallways or other common spaces in the clubhouse, where congestion could be caused.

If a member or guest is required to make or receive an emergency phone call or attend to a consistent / persistent number of texts or emails, the Dining Room Manager or a member of the staff can direct such member or guest to a private area of the Club, away from other members, where the phone call, emails or texting can be completed.

Other Policies

The Board of Directors has adopted a smoke free policy for the Clubhouse and Patio.

The Club cannot be responsible for the loss of personal property.